Independent Home Inspector-No Conflict of Interest

Please remember I work for you and you alone! As a member of Independent Home Inspectors of North America, I took a pledge NOT to actively solicit business from Real Estate agents and brokers. My business is generated from client referrals, attorney referrals, direct marketing, and reputable Real Estate agents who I have worked with in the past who put the interest of their clients first and foremost. Not all, but some Real Estate agents have a short list of home inspectors whom they will recommend to their clients because they perform a "fast inspection" or maybe are not quite as thorough as other inspectors.

Starting Price Guidelines:

Property Bath's Home Inspection Fee Termite Inspection Radon Test Discount Package With Termite and Radon
1 Family House (Up to 3 Bedrooms) 2 $425 $50 $75

$525 (save $25

Above pricing will generally apply to 1 family houses under 2,000 sq.ft.
Condominium (up to 5 rooms)   $295      
2 Family House- Call for pricing
Please call for exact pricing and availability

This happens more than you would think, especially when there are home inspectors out there who will rush to do several inspections per day to generate a large income at their client's expense . It's nothing more than common sense really. You want your NJ home inspector to perform the best possible inspection they can on your behalf. Kerr Home Inspections will do that for you.